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Flame Arrestor - Prok

Multi-Fit. 4" Round x 2" Tall. Prok's high-flow aftermarket air filters feature an internal vortex-shaped cone and rolled intake edge for the highest, most unrestricted airflow possible. Prok's Air Filters greatly improve low speed idle and acceleration.


Mikuni Primer Kit

Mikuni Primer Kit

6mm choke shaft Mikuni single carburetor. Starting the engine of your personal watercraft is no longer a problem. Also saves your battery and starter in the long run. Comes with all brass fittings, hose and plunger. Get rid of that worthless factory choke, increase power and apply a direct shot of fuel for easy starting!! Available for single, dual and triple carburetors.

$24.95 (Single Carburetors)
$31.95 (Double Carburetors)
$34.95 (Triple Carburetors)

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Choke Shaft Plug Kit

Choke Shaft Plug Kit (Mikuni Carburetors)

6mm choke shaft plug kit for a Mikuni carburetor.

$2.95 (Single Carburetors)
$4.95 (Double Carburetors)
$6.95 (Triple Carburetors)

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Mikuni Carb Rebuild Kit

Mikuni Carb Rebuild Kit - Super BN

Complete Mikuni Rebuild Kit for all Mikuni Super BN 38,44,46,48 and 49mm carbs. Genuine Mikuni brand. Not a poor quality aftermarket kit.


Mikuni Needle & Seats

Mikuni Needle & Seats

High quality OEM Mikuni needle and seats. Available in standard and viton tips.


Standard Tip
Viton Tip


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